Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hi friends hope you all are doing fine,today i have quiet a lot to share with all of you so lets begin with these two cards which i have made for two very sweet and generous people,i am not naming them now as i want it to be a surprise for them if and when they get it,so without further ado here's a sneek peak of the cards.

 as you all may have guessed these are thank u cards .i have done quilling in both of them,one being a basket of flowers and other a bunch of flowers,i have used pp in both cards for my background and also included a bit of stamping in the first one( look closely at the green card stock)i tried to keep a common theme in both of my cards hence a similar thank u tag has been added ,one of them is from the scrapbooking kit i received from kavitha and one from a card kit which i had bought for my daughter.hope the persons receiving these cards like them and i pray it reaches them intact and also that they get it soon.
and now for the other bit about the candy which i mentioned earlier please have a look first.

    I received these goodies from Indira Tanwar of the blog ARTY SORTS       I had won an card (the one u see above) from her blog ,Indira had done a blog candy of a different sort wherein she had asked fellow bloggers to choose any one card from her collection of cards which she had previously made,and the lucky winner would get that card which they had requested or an another custom made one of the winners choice and it so happened that me and neha who were 2 of the the 3 people who won this contest selected the same card ,and here it is as seen above isn't it just so pretty.
                               later on Indira told us that she is not only giving cards to the winners but also was sending us some crafting goodies too and as u all can see they are simply beautiful,the ribbons,the pattern papers ,the stickers and all the many other small things she sent are just so lovely,and i want to thank Indira for her generosity from the bottom of my heart,and for her kind gesture.
  That's it from me u guys have a good day .

I am entering the pink card for this challenge which is to create a tag or use tag in a card.

Friday, June 24, 2011


HI FRIENDS i am sharing with u all an another award which i got from two very sweet blogger friends and guess whats it called, here is a sneak peek ,have a look.
     that's right it is the irresistibly sweet blog award ,which has been passed to me by DR Sonia of  card,crafts and kids project   and Kavitha of kalalaya art studio blog  thank u so much both of u and according to the rules i have to pass this award to few other people whom i like so here goes i am passing this award to:
1.paula of chillin with quiilin blog 
2.deepti of my creativity blog
3.snehal of snehal's creation blog
4.suganthi of Daydreams blog 
5.romina of Romina's creative crafts
6.Asha of "Hastkala"...Ashason ka blog.
          I can think of many more bloggers to whom i should have passed this award but i have time constraints and also i see that many of you have already got this award from other friends too.And if i have not remembered any one of you now i promise to pass another award to u the next time.Thank u all for your love and support.
And according to the rules i am supposed to say a few things about myself but i am going to excuse myself this time as i had just posted a few things about me in my earlier award see here.
bye and you guys take care.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


HI friends look what i got from our fellow blogger snehal who had sponsored this time's ICR candy .She has sent loads of goodies all so very beautiful that  I really doubt whether I will have the heart to actually use it.Thank u snehal for such a generous prize.Ok without further ado here are the pics of her the goodies


    isn't this all amazing and you all know what snehal was so sweet and gracious that she sent all this in speed post just so that i could receive it within 48 hours .so thank you once again snehal i really appreciate your gesture and all the lovely craft stuff you have sent me.                                  

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Hi everyone today i am sharing with u an award which i got from yasmin of hooks and laces blog,yasmin herself is a very talented quiller and she makes gorgeous crochet works her work is so beautiful that u might just to compelled to try some crochet yourself.here is the award which she has passed to me.
    and now according to the rules i have to say a few things about myself and also pass this award to a few people whose work i like or admire, so here goes:
1.i think all those who know me by now know i am crazy about paper be it handmade or dps and am always tempted to buy them.
2.although quilling is my first love i am willing to try out almost all types of craft and lately been bitten by the stamping bug.
3.i love to read a good book be it a classic or short stories or novels i am a sucker for romances and who dunnits and have to finish them as soon as possible which results in a lot of late noghts for me.
4.i love to watch talk shows and oprah is my all time favorite but alas she has retired now ,but atleast will get to see her repeats:):)
5.i love listening to music and love both english as well as our very own hindi movies songs too.sad mooning kind of music always make me cry .
        okay ithink thats more than enough information about me and now i am passing this award to the following people ,i have recently been introduced to some of them and i immensely appreciate their work.
1.  indira of Arty Sorts.
2.  shubra of kraftography  
3.kavitha of      http://kalalayaa-artclub.blogspot.com/
4.jovita of creativita.
5.tejal of creative expression. 
please do check out the blogs of these very talented ladies.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Hi everyone today i am posting a card which i specially made for yvonne's blog where the guest blogger kirsty  had placed an challenge to make crepe flowers and use them on cards or any other project and this is what i have created .
             this card is has  lot of first for me ,like this is the first card or project where i have not used quiiling or punching and first time for layering using design paper and cardstock etc...the centre flowers are made from red crepe paper and the semi fan is made using the fiskars round border punch,the dp is from paper mania ,and the sentiment is stamped using a clear stamp.and i have used loads of bling to add a bit of jazz to my card.

                  hope u guys like  my work and as usual any comment or review is appreciated so please leave a note.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hi everyone i know this is pretty quick for me my 2nd post in just 2 days but this one is special as this card is my entry for the INDIAN CRAFT ROOM challenge ICRC4.have a look.

    and now for the inside of the card.

   This card was a tough one to make, i already had to waste one card before i could settle on this one. This color combination was truly a challenge for me because i generally love to use different colors to highlight my work and using stamping on a whole card was a really scary deal for me, I have used a simple quilled flower for my centre and the scrolls and leaves too.And this is what i ended up doing hope u guys like it, any kind of review would be appreciated,so please don't forget to drop in a line.                                                     

Monday, June 13, 2011


Hi friends i am back after my short break,although i was unable to post anything new i was able to check out all your beautiful works.Hope u guys missed me a little.I have a lot of catching up to do so without any further delay here is my news which i wanted to share.
                                       Firstly i won a lovely card and a candy from Indira Tanwar of Arty Sorts Blog.Indira is a very talented quiller and artist do check out her blog she makes beautiful cards and i was lucky enough to win one.Secondly i got a award from kavitha and also have been selected in the top three of her card inspirational challenge which took place during her 2nd blogoversary celebration .here is the award that kavitha has passed to me.

    i want to thank kavitha for not only giving me this award but for also appreciating my work, thanks kavi u rock.
                     And now for the punched card which i have mentioned earlier ,have a look first.
       And now for the inside of the card ,take a look.
Okay the picture is not been clicked right and has changed the angle ...so sorry.But moving on i made this card just yesterday  to get connected to my arty self, because i was without my tools for 10 days and then on my return i just had to make something hence this card.I tried to do  something simple and clean but don't know whether i succeeded in it.I have made the yellow flowers using the punch bunch sunflower punch,and used a dp for the first time... its from the paper mania company which i got from Ananda Stationery, the punched ribbon is from the martha stewart border punch and the circle is created using fiskars circle punch.
             Hope u guys like my card and if u do leave your comments and let me know.Ok that's all from me. A rather long post i know, but u all must agree its justified after my long absence.