Saturday, June 18, 2011


Hi everyone today i am sharing with u an award which i got from yasmin of hooks and laces blog,yasmin herself is a very talented quiller and she makes gorgeous crochet works her work is so beautiful that u might just to compelled to try some crochet is the award which she has passed to me.
    and now according to the rules i have to say a few things about myself and also pass this award to a few people whose work i like or admire, so here goes:
1.i think all those who know me by now know i am crazy about paper be it handmade or dps and am always tempted to buy them.
2.although quilling is my first love i am willing to try out almost all types of craft and lately been bitten by the stamping bug.
3.i love to read a good book be it a classic or short stories or novels i am a sucker for romances and who dunnits and have to finish them as soon as possible which results in a lot of late noghts for me.
4.i love to watch talk shows and oprah is my all time favorite but alas she has retired now ,but atleast will get to see her repeats:):)
5.i love listening to music and love both english as well as our very own hindi movies songs too.sad mooning kind of music always make me cry .
        okay ithink thats more than enough information about me and now i am passing this award to the following people ,i have recently been introduced to some of them and i immensely appreciate their work.
1.  indira of Arty Sorts.
2.  shubra of kraftography  
3.kavitha of
4.jovita of creativita.
5.tejal of creative expression. 
please do check out the blogs of these very talented ladies.


  1. Hey thanks a lot,its always interesting to know about our friends better:))

  2. Thnx Hussena...guess what I just saw this as I was passing this award to u !! :)

  3. Dear Hussena looks like its raining awards on you as I am going to pass on an award to you once again.
    Its the sweet blog award . Not only is your blog sweet but you are also such a sweet lady. Please do drop by my blog and accept the award
    Love Sonia

  4. Hey thanks a lot Hussena! U know this is my first ever award for my blog. So glad to receive it from you :)

  5. hey hussena... thanks for the award... i am glad to receive it from a very taleted quiller like you....

  6. Congrats on your award! Love getting to know a little bit more about're awesome at quilling!