Thursday, April 28, 2011


Hi friends this time i have something new to show .i have been experimenting with different ways i could make a envelope but which would also serve as a small card and this is what i have come up with
     and i also wanted to show how the inside looks like so here goes
   in cream color card i have made a small pouch in which one can place  money or a gift coupon,and in the pink card i have stuck an small envelope.And for those of who are wondering what the card base is i have recycled old wedding cards of course since they make for good background in the absence of a cuttle bug,which i don't posses.
                            hope u guys like it.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Hi everyone this time I have done a small tutorial for making a flower using an Oval punch and since its my first tutorial .I may have made some mistakes so kindly excuse my mistakes.And now for the tutorial you will need the following supplies:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Then you need to punch out the Ovals and Sun using any colour paper you want .I prefer a little thick paper as it helps to shape it properly.
                    Then after you have punched out the shapes, you need to Emboss the Sun like this.
        After Embossing the Sun ,Emboss the Ovals using the other end of the Embosser tool like this.
      Then after you  have done all the Embossing,its time to Assemble it,the outermost layer can be 6 or 8 petals depending on the size you want.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Similarly now place the petals inside in their Ascending sequence of 5,4,3etc till you come to the centre of the flower .Then using the Slotted tool curl the Oval into a bud like this.
                                                                                                                            Then place this bud in the centre like this.
                                           Now the flower is complete you can add some leaves to it, and then separate the petals a little by gently pulling at the outer petals to give the flower a fuller look.                                               
                    I also wanted to show an Envelope on which I have used this flower .

         Hope you guys like this and if you do please don't forget to leave your lovely comments.                                                         

Saturday, April 9, 2011


This is a an envie which i made recently. Its made from an old wedding card i liked the background of the paper which is slightly printed if u look closer .I decorated the envie with a central blue punched flower ,the flower is made from an medium size oval punch from carl i have layered the oval on a small sun punch and the green leaves r punched from the large maple punch the leaves r painted with an green acrylic colour to give it a shiny look and embossed.I have used a couple of small punched daisy and small butterflies  too.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


First of all i want to thank Dr sonia ofcards,crafts and kids project.for giving me this award .This being my very first award i am super excited and its all due to Dr sonia her blog is very intersting and she is so willing to share her ideas ,so please do visit her blog.
Now according to the rules of receiving this award i have thankled the person who has given me this award and i have linked her blog on my post.
then i have to tell seven things about myself ,so here goes
1.I am a mother of two kids aged 12 and 4 respectively.
2.I have been a crafter on and off for a long time,but have actively taken up this now and make different things which i sometimes sell .
3.Quilling has slowly but definetly become one of my passions.
4.Punch craft has been addictive and i think i have more fun collecting punches than any other craft supply.
5.I am also a great lover of different types of paper and can,t resist buying them where ever i see them.
6.I also love the different hues of the color palatte for me something becomes beautiful if its got a lovely color.
7.Since i have started blogging i think i have made some good friends online which is a new thing for me as i don't think of myself as very computer savvy but the net has taught me a that's it about me.
Now for the last part ,i am passing this award to the following people and they are;
Please check out their blogs .

thank u all for the love and support that u all have given me.hope to have ur support in future too.