Monday, April 18, 2011


Hi everyone this time I have done a small tutorial for making a flower using an Oval punch and since its my first tutorial .I may have made some mistakes so kindly excuse my mistakes.And now for the tutorial you will need the following supplies:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Then you need to punch out the Ovals and Sun using any colour paper you want .I prefer a little thick paper as it helps to shape it properly.
                    Then after you have punched out the shapes, you need to Emboss the Sun like this.
        After Embossing the Sun ,Emboss the Ovals using the other end of the Embosser tool like this.
      Then after you  have done all the Embossing,its time to Assemble it,the outermost layer can be 6 or 8 petals depending on the size you want.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Similarly now place the petals inside in their Ascending sequence of 5,4,3etc till you come to the centre of the flower .Then using the Slotted tool curl the Oval into a bud like this.
                                                                                                                            Then place this bud in the centre like this.
                                           Now the flower is complete you can add some leaves to it, and then separate the petals a little by gently pulling at the outer petals to give the flower a fuller look.                                               
                    I also wanted to show an Envelope on which I have used this flower .

         Hope you guys like this and if you do please don't forget to leave your lovely comments.                                                         


  1. congrats on ur first tutorial !!wishing u many more to come :)

  2. good tutorial, love the envelope, nice work!

  3. Secret of your gorgeous roses are out:) Thanks for sharing and your envelope looks beautiful.

  4. di
    lovely work you have done ..
    i never knew you had a blog too !
    i just saw you on ICR !
    great tutorial ..
    quillimg scares me though

  5. great tutorial..thank you :)
    loved your blog..great work!!

  6. Красивые цветы! Спасибо за урок!

  7. awesome tutorial!.. amazing pics.. the card looks FA.. thanks for sharing! :D

  8. great tutorial.. very nice card..

  9. thanks fr ur comments & HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO U !!

  10. Looks great! One tiny suggestion the photos should be clicked in macro mode so that the finer details of your artwork are clearly visible.

    Keep blogging!

  11. Thanks Hussena for ur tutorial.And beautiful envelope,especially I like lacey effect on ur envelope.keep it up:).

  12. Beautiful flower. This is one I've never seen before, so I'll have to give a go. Thanks for becoming a follower and posting my candy link to your blog. Hugs, dj1952

  13. Good tutorial with clear step-by-step instructions..

  14. great tutorial...awesome job...i too from kolkata...check my blog too..

  15. Beautiful. I have a new oval punch that I am enjoying using. I have made flowers with it before but not like this. I will have to try your tutorial.

  16. Wow!!! I dunno how I missed this tutorial.. Damn! I gotta get a oval punch now.. :) Thanks a lot for the tutorial.. I think it will also look good with a distressed look.. Will definately try this and share..

    Thanks again!!

    - Shruti

  17. Hussena just shared a link to this awesome tutorial on my blog

  18. Hey Hussena! With an envelope as beautiful as this, I don't think you need to have anything inside the envelope! :P :D