Friday, September 14, 2012

Fascinating Friday's Featured Artist :Dr Sonia.

Hi Everyone,
We at the Paperie Design studio are  proud and happy to feature the Amazingly talented and gifted artist Dr Sonia Suprabha of the blog Cards,Crafts,Kids Project ...As many of you know she is a queen of Recycling and pop up cards any fancy fold or reworked household item is transformed to a thing of beauty in her hands and she is quite very popular in our blogland for her numerous if you you want to get to know her better...why don't you drop by Paperie Design studio to read what she has to say about herself and her work :)



  1. Congrats Sonia. You deserve this.


  2. she is an awesome lady, love that she and her daughter do so much together, what great memories to share when she gets older!!!

  3. Dr. Sonia deserves to be featured..that's for sure. Very creative person.