Wednesday, May 4, 2011


This time i got this award from an another blogger friend creative thinker of CREATIVE CREATIONS.she has been recently been introduced to me and i have become a big fan of her quilling,she is also a great baker and her creations look very tempting too.
now according to the rules i have to thank the person who gave me this award and link back to her blog which i have done already.
secondly i have to choose 8 other bloggers who r recently introduced to me and pass them this award.
thirdly i have to say 8 things about myself.
so here goes i am passing this award to
1.sudha of crazy crafter.
2.ujjwal of handmade with love.
3.mallika of miss not so good with words.
           and now for the 8 random things about myself.
1.i love to read its my other passion beside crafting.
2.i enjoy seeing other peoples creative work its very inspiring.
3.i love to travel and have many future plans regarding it.
4.i love to shop for craft supplies and some time i tend to over do it.
guess i have covered all basic points about myself .
 finally would like to end this post by thanking my fellow blogger and friend creative thinker for passing on this award to me .


  1. Congrats Hussena.. You deserve it...

  2. Hey Hussena, sorry if i missed u on this one but u surely deserve it :)

  3. thankyou so much hussena !
    and yes you totally deserve this

  4. m really sorry for not commenting on your work . . i have my examz . just gve me some time !

  5. Congrats Hussena. You are indeed a stylish Blogger!
    You had asked what company the butterfly punch was it is a giant Jef Punch. I got it from Staples near forum mall Bangalore. They charge more than other places but have a huge variety of punches