Friday, June 24, 2011


HI FRIENDS i am sharing with u all an another award which i got from two very sweet blogger friends and guess whats it called, here is a sneak peek ,have a look.
     that's right it is the irresistibly sweet blog award ,which has been passed to me by DR Sonia of  card,crafts and kids project   and Kavitha of kalalaya art studio blog  thank u so much both of u and according to the rules i have to pass this award to few other people whom i like so here goes i am passing this award to:
1.paula of chillin with quiilin blog 
2.deepti of my creativity blog
3.snehal of snehal's creation blog
4.suganthi of Daydreams blog 
5.romina of Romina's creative crafts
6.Asha of "Hastkala"...Ashason ka blog.
          I can think of many more bloggers to whom i should have passed this award but i have time constraints and also i see that many of you have already got this award from other friends too.And if i have not remembered any one of you now i promise to pass another award to u the next time.Thank u all for your love and support.
And according to the rules i am supposed to say a few things about myself but i am going to excuse myself this time as i had just posted a few things about me in my earlier award see here.
bye and you guys take care.


  1. Thank you Hussena. Your rightly deserve this award.Always a please to have you drop in.

  2. OMG! Thank u so much Hussena, for all the support & love.... The thought that u even remembered me during this small award ceremony, moves me.... Wishes & Hugs)))))


  3. Congrats on your award! Bloggy pals are the sweetest, eh?

  4. Hi Hussena,to answer your question concerning the comment on my post, Island Beauty. It is a stamp set with three peg stamps and I just inked them in different colors. Here is a link to the stamps.